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Winter Has Come!

Today is the first day of Spring, which means the Winter section of Great Niagara has been completed and opened to a select group of advance visitors!

For all of you that own Planet Coaster, you can download and explore this section of the park right from the Steam Workshop. Please check it out, and give it a Like if you enjoy.

A full view of Great Niagara's Winter park section

If you don't have the game, please explore this website for screenshots and details on all the attractions in this section. Since I am not a skilled video editor (nor do I own a high-end machine that can deliver good videos) I am looking for any volunteers who would be willing to make "on-ride" or "park tour" videos that I could post and share here. Please contact me through this site (or on Twitter) if you'd be willing!

Great Niagara is built with realism as a cornerstone - you will find backstage areas that ensure Great Niagara could exist in the real world. Focus is on fewer rides with heavier thematic elements. While most of the items are my creations, anything that is not (either as blueprints or from the Thememaker's Tool Kit) have been tagged in my Great Niagara Collection on the Steam Workshop to pay homage to the original awesome creators!

Okay, so now for the full details. With the conclusion of winter comes the completion of the section of the same name, bringing along a wide variety of attractions that celebrate the snowy season of Niagara region. Attractions include:

AVALANCHE! on Allegheny Trail: A massive terrain coaster that dives through frozen caves, rivers and tunnels

Blizzard Run: A wooden bobsled coaster that emulates the real life thrills of bobsledding down a mountain

Ski Village Sleigh Ride: A tranquil ride through the entire Winter section of the park, providing great views of all the attractions

Winter Garden Restaurant: A full-service sit-down restaurant at the center of Ski Village, offering family fare

Ski Slopes: Experience downhill skiing on 3 full-length ski slopes that run right through the center of the section (weather permitting, the slopes will close in warmer months)

Ice Skating: Experience a real ice skating rink for the whole family to enjoy

Himalaya: A fast-paced ride fit for thrill-seekers of all ages, spinning riders around it's colorful lights and mountain decor while offering a great view of the Ski Village

Ice Cube: Not for the faint of heart, the Ice Cube is all about thrills as you and twenty-three of your fellow daredevils take on an intense, G-Force heavy experience

Winter Wheel: Always a favorite for the entire family, the Winter Wheel sits at the foot of Allegheny Summit, and provides breathtaking views of the entire Winter section

Niagara Scenic Railway Station: Hop from season-to-season (eventually) quickly with the park’s scenic railway

… and more food, shopping and attractions!

One section down - three more (plus the central areas) to go. You can also follow me on Twitch and/or YouTube as I will often live stream when building the park, if that is of interest to you.

Bring on Spring!

Special Thank Yous to: - TommyT for helping me out with some of the logos - Haplo for his awesome font that is used on many of the custom signs - TrooperMatthew for his snowmobiles - R3dMyst for his ski and snowboard accessories from TMTK

- R3dDragon and Channel5Gaming for the awesome Planet Coaster Communities they have built, who's members inspired me to try this huge project

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