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Today We Unveil A Classic

Only six days until the Winter section of Great Niagara is revealed in it's entirety and we continue our countdown today by announcing our very first ride - the Himalaya!

Himalaya is a fast-paced ride fit for thrill-seekers of all ages, spinning riders around it's colorful lights and mountain decor while offering a great view of the Ski Village. It also features a "pop-up" canvas that will enclose the bobsleds during a portion of the ride, adding an extra thrill that keeps riders blind to the ups-and-downs!

Set along the main thoroughfare of the Winter section, Himalaya is flanked by two games of skill - the Snowball Toss and Curling Challenge - where park-goers can try and win giant prizes! You can see more in the images below and and the new pages on this site!

COMING TOMORROW: Winter Activities!

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