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Today's Announcements Add a Bit of Thrill!

With only two days left until the Spring Section of the park is unveiled, it's time to take the intensity up a notch with two new ride announcements - BlueBird and Spring Fling!

Named in honor of New York State's official bird, Bluebird is a 90 meter tall spinning ride that takes riders on a soaring experience above the treetops, offering a tremendous view of the entire park.

The entrance to the Bluebird ride in Great Niagara's Spring section

Bluebird at night

If you are looking for a real thrill though - then it's time to visit the twin towers of Spring Fling!

Spring Fling Drop Tower at Great Niagara

A top down view into Spring Fling

Ride it if you dare, Spring Fling offers two different ride experiences depending on which tower you visit. Tower One will launch you rapidly upwards, while Tower Two will slowly take you to the top - and suddenly drop you back to Earth.

Tune in tomorrow when we'll unveil the final - and most exciting - ride in Great Niagara's Spring section!

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