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Spring Is Here!

The Spring section of Great Niagara

The season of Spring has come to an end, and with it we roll-out this section of Great Niagara Theme Park to the Steam Workshop!

With this second iteration of Great Niagara (version 0.3) the Spring section contains the park's headliner coaster - Niagara Daredevil - as well as the centerpiece Botanical Gardens of Niagara, complete with a Grand Carousel at it's center.

It also includes the incredible Fountain Show presented by VegasTim to entertain guests a scheduled times throughout the day. Other newly added attractions include:

- Antique Autos

- Bluebird

- Lil' Devil

- Spring Fling

- Spring Swings

- Tea Party

... as well as new places to eat, drink and relax

Here's a few shots from around the updated section of the park. You can see more from each ride by clicking on the links above, or by Subscribing on Steam and exploring it yourself within Planet Coaster!

There are also a few unfinished rides that are still under construction that will be included in the Summer update in September.

I hope you enjoy!

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