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Presenting Carousel Botanica

Our countdown to the release of Great Niagara's Spring update continues with the grand centerpiece of the park section - the beautiful Carousel Botanica!

The Carousel Botanica in Great Niagara's Spring Section

Located within the Botanical Gardens of Niagara, this classic Grand Carousel is surrounded by a wide variety of tropical plants and trees not native to the region, as the greenhouse carefully controls temperatures such that they can survive. The whole family will enjoy this completely unique experience!

A view of Carousel Botanical from within the Garden

After the ride head to the other side of the Garden, where the Cafeteria Botanica provides Mexican food and drinks within a separate biome dedicated to the desert climate - complete with giant cactus.

Cafeteria Botanica within the Garden

Our countdown continues tomorrow with the announcement of another attraction, with the updated blueprint hitting the Steam Workship this Saturday!

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