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Great Niagara Theme Park Officially Confirmed

Future home of Great Niagara Theme Park


The rumors were true.

A week after they announced the acquisition of five thousand acres of remote woodland, Carella Coaster Creations has confirmed it will be developed into a cutting-edge theme park and resort. Here is the formal press release:


Niagara Falls. A natural wonder of the world. One that has thrilled nature lovers and tourists alike since it's discovery by man... and now celebrated with an incredible new resort and theme park.

Carella Coaster Creations is proud to announce Great Niagara: A Theme Park for All Seasons. Positioned in a beautiful swath of deciduous woodland, Great Niagara will be a tribute to the natural beauty of the original wonder, with four distinctly themed park sections that celebrate each of the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The centerpiece of the park will be a massive recreation of Niagara Falls itself, complete with the legendary Maid Of The Mist boat tour and Cave of the Winds walkways and tunnel.

Artist rendition of entrance to Great Niagara

From there, guests will be able to branch out and enjoy each and all of the seasons in a single day: From the beautiful - but dangerous - winter snow to the gorgeous summer days at the shores of the Great Lakes, guests will be able to stay and play in the heart of it all!

Construction will commence immediately, with the planned open date of January of 2020.


No other details about rides or attractions were discussed at this time, but stay tuned to this blog as news develops!

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