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Summer Section Has Arrived!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Entryway to Great Niagara's Summer Section - inspired by the vintage Crystal Beach Amusement Park

Hello Great Niagara soon-to-be-park-goers! Welcome to Summer!

The summer section is a scaled down recreation of a legendary vintage amusement park in the real Niagara Region known as Crystal Beach, which closed it's gates in 1989 - after over 100 years of existence! Since many people - myself included - were too young to visit back then, we would hear the stories from our parents and grandparents about how amazing this park was, and the joy it brought during the summer months.

So with that, I scoured the internet for any images and videos I could find of what the park looked like during it's glory days - from 1960 through 1980 - and did my best to recreate the iconic buildings and rides. Thankfully The Comet still exists today (at the Great Escape Theme Park) and had already been recreated in Planet Coaster by Emaxmagnus, who graciously allowed me to include it - with a re-theming of the station back to it's original look. I've recreated other iconic rides such as The Giant Coaster, Wild Mouse, Laff in the Dark and more! All of these attractions will soon be added to the Great Niagara menus on this page!

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