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Great Niagara Announces First Major Attraction!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

UPSTATE NY - After over three weeks of frenzied construction at the Great Niagara site, we finally have images and details on what the crews there have been up to. Carella Coaster Creations today confirmed the first major attraction at the new theme park and resort - and released some some promotional images as well. Here they are:


Great Niagara is proud to introduce our first major attraction: AVALANCHE! on Allegheny Trail - a 3,019 meter long terrain coaster that will weave and dive through snow covered mountains, jagged ice canyons, frigid waterfalls and narrow caves.

While hiking the beautiful - but dangerous - Allegheny Trail, you and 19 other members of your party will brave heavy snows and blustering winds. What will happen if the snow gives way as you approach the summit of the mountain? Can you escape with your lives?

Departing from the safe confines of the Allegheny Trail Lodge, hikers will use the coaster’s unique curved lift design to scale to the highest peak - before plummeting 43 meters and reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour. From there riders will experience a three minute and twenty-seven second ride through the Allegheny Mountain range, complete with amazing vistas, sudden drops, and twenty moments of airtime. As a terrain coaster, the ride is carefully designed to hide the track ahead of you - carefully obscuring it with trees, terrain and buildings such that you never know what is coming next.

Be prepared to Explore, Enjoy, and ESCAPE when the park opens next year!


As we know, Great Niagara is being designed with one section for each season of the year, and AVALANCHE! on Allegheny Trail will be the main attraction in the Winter section.

From the pictures, we can see they are investing heavily to theme the coaster’s massive footprint to the snowy winters of the namesake region, complete with artificial snow and decorations to ensure a feeling of winter regardless of the actual weather that day.

We also get a glimpse of other construction occurring at the site, with further work on the Winter section expected to continue throughout the first quarter of 2019.


Great Niagara Steam Workshop Link

Great Niagara uses content from other amazing creators on the Steam Workshop, all of which are tagged in the Great Niagara Collection here

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