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Announcing Blizzard Run!

Only one day left of winter - and we conclude our countdown with an announcement of the final attraction - Blizzard Run!

Themed after a real track, Blizzard Run is a wooden bobsled coaster that will take riders on a thrilling ride over 1,150 meters while hitting speeds of over 55 mph.

Take the Ski Lift (or Climb if you want some exercise) to the top of Blizzard Point, and work your way through the station while taking in gorgeous vistas of Great Niagara. Once you've launched you'll descend rapidly down the mountain on the "half pipe" track - freely floating both side-to-side and up and down.

You'll enjoy some astounding views of the park while on the ride as well, while you twist and turn your way to the finish line. Can you take the Gold Medal?

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