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The Dueling Coaster

Riders can join up as either the American Defenders (Invert) or the British Attackers (Floorless) in a 3 minute, 5,000 foot long duel in, above and through Fort Niagara in 1812: Battle For Niagara!

Forty-two years after the United States declared - and ultimately won - their independence from Great Britain, a second and lesser known conflict erupted between them - the War of 1812.  

Marching south from modern day Canada, British forces lay siege to Fort Niagara. Strategically located at the end of the Niagara River, the fort controls trade in the Great Lakes and secures the northern border of the new nation. Will you attack the fort for his majesty’s honor? Or will you defend freedom and independence? You decide!

1812: Battle for Niagara was custom designed by manufacturer B&M. Key elements include:

  • Heavily themed queues that takes riders through Fort Niagara (for the American Defender) and through the siege encampment (for the British Attacker)

  • A unique double decker lift hill 

  • 180 (British Attacker) and 190 (American Defender) foot tall drops 

  • 150 foot tall synchronized vertical loop

  • Interlocked battling Giant Batwing and Giant Cobra Roll (each over 125 feet tall)

  • A synchronized Inline Twist

  • Tandem mid-course brake run (to jeer your opponent) before diving through the sea battle between a British Galleon and the Fort’s Castle

  • Mirrored Zero G rolls

  • Low-to-the-ground speed sections through breaches in the Fort’s outer walls

  • “Face-to-Face” Heartline Rolls during tandem On-Ride Photo

  • “Head-to-Head near collision 

  • Synchronized Helices into the final brake run

1812: Battle For Niagara: Service
1812: Battle For Niagara: Gallery
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