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Coasters of Great Niagara

The Biggest Thrills in The Park


1812: Battle For Niagara

Choose Your Allegiance

Riders must choose to enlist as either an American Defender (Invert) or the British Attacker (Floorless) in a 3 minute, 5,000 foot long duel in, above and through Fort Niagara

Marching south from modern day Canada during the War of 1812, British forces lay siege to Fort Niagara. Strategically located at the end of the Niagara River, the fort controls trade in the Great Lakes and secures the northern border of the new nation. Will you attack the fort for his majesty’s honor? Or will you defend freedom and independence? You decide!

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AVALANCHE! on Allegheny Trail

The Terrain Coaster

AVALANCHE! on Allegheny Trail is a 3,019 meter long terrain coaster that weaves and dives through snow covered mountains, jagged ice canyons, frigid waterfalls and narrow caves.  

While hiking the beautiful - but dangerous - Allegheny Trail, you and 19 other members of your party will brave heavy snows and blustering winds.  What will happen if the snow gives way as you approach the summit of the mountain? Can you escape with your lives?


Blizzard Run

Making You Smile

Themed after a real track, Blizzard Run is a wooden bobsled coaster that will take riders on a thrilling ride over 1,150 meters while hitting speeds of over 55 mph.

Can you take the Gold Medal?


The Comet

The Legendary Classic

The Comet returns!  An exact recreation of Crystal Beach's most legendary ride will take you up 95 feet in the air and

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Miniature Train ride

Giant Coaster

Making You Smile

At Great Niagara Theme Park, our number one goal is to make sure visitors have the time of their lives. With this goal in mind, we offer fun activities for visitors of all ages. Our Miniature Train Rides are enough to unleash your inner child — and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. Stop by today to start enjoying our Miniature Train Rides.

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Niagara Daredevil

Make Your Own Memories

Launching riders at speeds of over 70 miles per hour, the Niagara Daredevil inverts 8 times and drops over 40 meters over and around Great Niagara's Spring Section


Wild Mouse

Make Your Own Memories

For many years, Great Niagara Theme Park has been the leading Amusement Park in San Francisco, offering visitors of all ages the chance to play like a kid. Our Camping Trips are a great way for you to experience the thrill of many of our entertainment options. Come see what our Camping Trips are all about today.

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What To Expect...

More to Come...

Making You Smile

More coasters will be announced throughout this year as Great Niagara continues construction.  Follow news in our Blog!

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